Thank you for registering to go Bald for Bucks! Now it’s time to start fundraising. Here are some great ways to boost your fundraising efforts.




Big and small gestures are both successful ways to ask: Goin’ Bald’s top fundraisers are successful because they think both big and small. They reach out to as many people as they can and set their goals high, but they also pay attention to the details. They develop and update a list of people to ask for donations, track their fundraising progress and make sure to thank their donors so they can go back to them the following year.

Don’t give up: You won’t receive a donation from everyone you send an email to, but often, the second round of emails you send yield the highest results. Be sure to send an email to everyone who didn’t donate the first time around to ask, “I wanted to be sure you saw I’m shaving my head for Bald for Bucks, and would love to have your support!”