Survivor Squad: Alex

NAME: ALEX AGE: 17 STATUS: CANCER FREE FUN FACT: ALEX LIKES TO SPEND HIS TIME FLYING SMALL PLANES It was pretty strange when Alex started to get winded just from…

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Plan Your Event

Quick-Start Steps Event Guide Best Practices Guide Before Sign After Sign Fundraising Donation Form Partner Salons – Coming Soon

7. Say Thank You

Your event is now complete, but many people helped you along the way. Be sure to take the time to thank your donors and all of those people who helped…

6. Celebrate

Congratulations! You have just made a tremendous difference in the fight against cancer. Give yourself a round of applause and celebrate what you just accomplished!

5. The Big Day

When the big day arrives, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to set up and prepare for the event. Review our checklist in the event guide to be…

4. Nail Down The Details

You have your date, time and location, so it’s time to start sweating the small stuff. Who will be doing the shaving? Are you going to sell food, hosting a…