Featured Participant: Zoe Zutes

Zoe, a student from East Rochester, decided to go Bald for Bucks to support her best friend, Hannah, who is battling cancer. East Rochester’s Goin’ Bald for Bucks event raised over $7,000 for 13Thirty Cancer Connect and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Inspired by her best friend’s battle with cancer, Zoe decided she was going to shave her head.  That’s when she introduced Goin’ Bald for Bucks to East Rochester.

Zoe said, “Our team asked anybody and everybody to either try and make a donation or just spread the word.” She posted links on her social media and had her mom do the same on her Facebook and Instagram accounts. Zoe’s fundraising advice is, “don’t stress if you didn’t reach your goal, just keep trying.” Her calm and relaxed approach for fundraising truly paid off!

Zoe’s Goin’ Bald for Bucks experience strengthened her relationship with Hannah. She encourages participants who are thinking about shaving or cutting their hair to “just do it. Don’t worry about it, you’ll probably look fierce with your cute bob, or freshly shaved head.”

Since Zoe was going bald in honor of Hannah, she decided to let Hannah take the clippers to her head. For Zoe, this was an emotional experience- she struggled to fight back tears not because of the hair she was losing, but because of the impact this would have on Hannah.  Zoe described seeing the smile on Hannah’s face as one of the best feelings in the world.

Zoe knew this was the right decision when 15 people came up to shave or cut their hair. She is proud to know the $7,000 her team raised will support teens and young adults fighting cancer, and it warms her heart knowing how many people she has affected.

“It was the best decision I have ever made.”