Featured Participant: Destiny Keiper

On November 18, Destiny Keiper from Lakeland, FL went Bald for Bucks with friends and family supporting her by her side.

Last  year, when Destiny was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society, she and the other members were told to try and make an impact in the community. It was then that she decided to Go Bald and get others involved by forming “Team Lakeland.”

She states, “I chose to Go Bald to prove that beauty is on the inside and not the outside. I am a model for a few companies and have proved that I am still beautiful even without hair.”

Destiny went Bald in honor of three very special people in her life; her cheerleading coach and owner of Lakeland Express All-Stars, Kimberly Brock, her uncle Donald Danner, and Elysa Vulpis, owner of Dream Designs/Glam It Up who she models for.

Destiny raised over $250 and shared her best fundraising tips with us:

  1. She got a local store, Bulk Nation, to team up with her. They selected a day where a certain percentage of the total sales went towards Destiny’s fundraising.
  2. She and her family stood outside of local stores telling customers about Roswell Park and Goin’ Bald and were able to collect donations throughout the process.
  3. Together with her family, Destiny handed out several of the Bald flyers around the community and even had it published in the local newspaper!

Destiny stated, “The best part of shaving day was the excitement and anticipation of having my head shaved and seeing the look on my friends and families faces. Also, it was great knowing deep down inside that 17.5 inches of my hair is being donated to someone that needs it more than me.”

The Team Lakeland participants raised over $1,900 for Roswell Park. Hats off to Destiny and her team!