Natalie Walter goes Bald for Bucks in Memory of her Father

Natalie with her friends post shave.

We spoke with Natalie Walter from Amherst Middle School about her Bald for Bucks experience. Natalie shaved her head last June, raised over $6,000 and is already signed up to participate again this year! Natalie said, “Going Bald for Bucks helped me inspire so many people to donate and care about others. I hope that my efforts helped someone with cancer. I am so glad I did it and I don’t regret it at all!”

How did you first get involved with Bald for Bucks?

I first got involved with Bald for Bucks when I heard an announcement in school. My friends were talking about going and I ended up going to the meeting and joining in. I never considered going bald at first, but I started thinking about how cool it would be. I started to ask friends and they all said yes!

What advice do you have for other kids who might want to go bald?

My advice for other kids my age who might want to go bald is that it is so much fun and it is for a great cause. It inspires so many people and encourages others to donate. It is so great to have an experience like that to share with others, especially at such a young age. Plus, it’s so easy to not have to do your hair every day!

Do you have a connection to cancer, Roswell Park and/or 13thirty Cancer Connect?

My connection to cancer and Roswell park is through my father. He passed away from cancer when I was ten. He was a patient at Roswell. His sister, my aunt, was also a patient there and she passed away 6 months before him. My other aunt is currently fighting breast cancer. I also have two friends that survived cancer.

You raised over $6,000 last year! How did you reach that outstanding total?

I was able to raise over $6,000 last year because my family and friends were very supportive and wanted to help. They were so shocked when I told them I was going bald! All of my dads friends were also willing to help support me in any way. I posted a lot on Instagram to let people know what I was doing and how to donate to my page. My mom also sent out emails to family and friends on my behalf. Very few people considered doing it last year, especially girls. Now this year so many people have joined and I can’t wait to see the total that is raised.

Any hair care tips for a newly shaved head?

My hair care tips for a newly shaved head is to take quick showers! Hats and sunscreen in the summer!