Learn how Newfane Middle raised $23,000!

Newfane Middle School went Bald for Bucks for the first time in February. Their goal was to have a few dozen kids participate and raise a few thousand dollars for Roswell Park. Hear from their coordinator, Amanda Riggs on what made their event a success and how they raised an incredible $23,000!

  1. What made you want to host a Bald for Bucks event at Newfane Middle?

We just thought it was the right time to give it a try. As a school, we made it a goal to focus on the things that unite us. This was a perfect fit!

  1. How many kids did you expect to participate? How much money did you expect to raise?

I expected maybe a dozen or so to really commit, and I was hoping to raise a few thousand dollars.

  1. Were you surprised at the outstanding fundraising that came out of your event?

We were beyond amazed! We knew it would be worthwhile, but we had no idea how well we’d do!

  1. What kinds of things did you do at Newfane Middle to encourage kids to sign up?

We held a small kick-off assembly with each grade level to stir up interest and send information home.  Then we continued to promote it through our morning announcements.

  1. Did you do any school-wide fundraisers?

We set up an online booster with Custom Ink and designed and sold t-shirts to raise extra money. We also held a dress-up day where students paid to wear certain things, like pajamas.

  1. Do kids and teachers at your school have a strong connection to cancer? What about Roswell Park?

We have a staff member who is a cancer survivor, and we currently have two 8th grade students that are cancer survivors. Our district has also has a family that lost a child to cancer several years ago.

  1. What advice would you give to a teacher that wants to get Bald for Bucks started at his/her school?

Just jump in and do it! There’s a lot of support and guidance along the way, and you can really make the event work anyway you’d like to suit your school.

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