Learn how Brayden raised $9,000 by going Bald for Bucks!

Brayden’s Bald for Bucks transformation!
How did you first get involved with Bald for Bucks?

Many members of my family have had cancer.  I knew it was something our school had been involved with but then I learned what Bald for Bucks really meant.  I thought of all of my family that had been affected by cancer and decided to get involved with Bald for Bucks more seriously to raise money for a special cause.

What made you decide to go Bald?

The main reason I decided to go bald was to raise money for not just my family but for everyone’s family who had been affected by cancer.

Why should other kids your age shave their heads?

Kids should shave their heads because this is such a great cause.  Also, if they have family or friends who have cancer, it’s a great way to show them support

Do you have a connection to cancer and/or Roswell Park?

Yes I do have connections with cancer and Roswell Park.  Sadly cancer has affected many of my family members and even friends.  My brothers’ Mom passed away from cancer.  My cousin received her treatment from Roswell and thankfully is cancer free now.  We are lucky to have Roswell Park Cancer Institute in our area.

You have raised almost $9,000 in the last 3 years, how did you reach that outstanding total?

I reached that goal by having a huge support system from all of my family and friends.  Also, I had huge support from my Mom.  She’s the one who helped me make all of my videos and updated everyone on how much I had raised along the way. I expanded my fundraising efforts this year compared to other years.  This year, my Mom drove me around and I hand-delivered letters to local businesses requesting donations.  We also made personal phone calls to friends and family asking them if they would donate as well.

Do you use social media? Did that help your fundraising totals?

Yes, social media has been the main way I’ve fundraised these past few years.  It has definitely helped because I was able to connect to many more people than normal.  We have friends and family all over the world who have supported me through my efforts on social media.  My Mom took videos of me throughout my progress and posted on social media so everyone could see.  They also got to see my hair growing out along the way.  This year I grew it out for 7 months so there was a big change to see! Check out one of Brayden’s videos here.