Five fun ideas to help spice up your Bald for Bucks event!

There are a lot of different ways you can raise additional money at your Bald for Bucks event. There’s a chance not everyone in your school or organization will want to go bald, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you reach your fundraising goal! Check out these ideas and tips to see how you can get everyone involved in helping Roswell Park find cancer cures!

Basket Raffles

Ask local shops and restaurants or even friends and family members to donate items to make baskets to raffle off. You can sell tickets throughout the event so spectators can browse the baskets and see which ones they’d like to win. Towards the end of the shaving, pick winners & have volunteers help give out the baskets.


A 50/50 Raffle is a fun and simple way to raise money during your event. Ask students or have a volunteer walk around and sell tickets to audience members. You can keep track of how much you’ve collected throughout the event and make announcements so everyone knows about the growing jackpot! When you’re nearing the end of the event, take the grand total of the money you’ve collected from selling the tickets and divide it in half. Pick a winner and he/she will receive half of the total while the other half will get added to your total funds raised!

Nail Polish Station

We understand that not everyone wants to shave their head, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help make a difference in the fight against cancer! A nail polish station is a great way to get girls involved who may not want to shave or donate their hair. You can have volunteers set up a table during the event and paint nails for a donation. You can decide if it’s a set amount or if any donation will work.

Coin Collection

Do you have a ton of change lying around your house that you’d like to get rid of??? Having a coin collection during your event is a different way to gather extra funds to go towards your grand total. Grab a bucket and pass it around during your event so viewers can toss in their spare change. You can make an announcement about this before your event so people know to bring in their nickels and dimes.

Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love a little snacking with their shaving? Offering something sweet is another great way to make extra money at your event. Ask parents or teachers to make some baked goods that you can sell during the event! Some schools have even done popcorn sales during their Bald for Bucks events and it’s added over $1,000 to their grand total!

As you can see, there are tons of different ways you can make your event interactive & help you raise more money. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and add a unique twist to your event and help us as we snip, clip & shave our way to cancer cures!