10 Things to Remember to Have the Day of Your Event

As your event approaches, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch! So in order to help, we’ve made a checklist of 10 things to have the day of your event.

  1. Permission Slips & Offline Donations

Make sure that you’ve collected permission slips from all of the students participating in your event. We want to make sure that parents know what their child is doing for cancer research! Also collect any offline donations and keep a list of who’s handed in what so you have grand totals for each student.

  1. Confirm Hairstylists

If you haven’t already, ask hair stylists to volunteer to shave heads at your event. Let them know what time the event is at, give details of where the event is (ex: your school’s gym, cafeteria, etc.) and other information they may need (where to park, if they need to check in). In case you’re having trouble finding stylists, we have a list of past salons that have participated in Bald for Bucks events.

  1. Give Power to the Razor

This one is easy to forget but most important to remember! Have extension cords and power strips so stylists can plug in their clippers.

  1. Tables & Chairs

You’ll want to have tables set up for checking students in. When they check in, make sure they’ve handed in all their donations & let them know when they’ll be shaving their head. If you’d like a Bald for Bucks representative at your event, have a table set up for them to help hand out certificates and incentives! You should also set up chairs for individuals to sit at while they get their head shaved. Make sure the chairs can be seen from the audience.

  1. Forms for Pantene Beautiful Lengths & Plastic Bags

Participants that have chosen to donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths should fill out the donation form before cutting their hair. You’ll also want to have hair ties or rubber bands to secure the hair in a pony before cutting and Ziploc bags to place the hair in (1 gallon size bags work best).

  1. List of Participants & Total Raised

Creating a list of participants is a great way to keep track of students & make sure everyone has checked in. You’ll want to add in the total amount of money they’ve raised so you know top fundraisers and guarantee everyone gets their incentives.

  1. Clean Up

At the end of your event, you’ll need a broom and dust pan to help clean up the hair. If you’d like, when you set up the chairs, lay down tarps or table cloths underneath to help minimize clean up.

  1. Volunteers

Decide if you’ll need volunteers to help you throughout your event. Ask faculty or students to help out with checking students in. If you have other fundraising events going on throughout your event such as a 50/50 or basket raffle, ask volunteers to help facilitate.

  1. Find an MC

Have a teacher or student MC your event. They’ll be in charge with speaking & calling participants up to shave their heads. If available, our Bald team will ask DJ Anthony from Kiss 98.5 to come and MC your event!!!

  1. Create a Rockin’ Playlist

During the actual shaving process, it’s a good idea to have a playlist ready to have some tunes playing during the event. This will keep students engaged and avoid any awkward silence!

These 10 things will ensure that you’re prepared and better yet, make your day a huge success! If you have any other questions as your event approaches, please feel free to reach out to our Bald for Bucks team at 716-845-8788.