Five things to remember when planning a Bald for Bucks event


Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Gorczyca present Roswell Park with their donation from 2016!

Jennifer Dunn and Katherine Gorczyca have been planning the Bald for Bucks event at Forestville Elementary for the last six years. Their event is top notch, and always an exciting day for all of the kids that are involved. If you are looking to start your own event, or maybe improve an event at your school, you are in the right place! We asked Mrs. Dunn and Mrs. Gorczyca to tell us the five most important things to remember as you plan your event. Here is what they had to say:


  1. Get participants excited about the event, especially if you’ve never held one before. These are a few ideas that worked for us:
    1. Allow students to watch teachers/principal shave their heads.
    2. Have a coordinator or “cheerleader” advertise the event to all students, making it sound exciting.
    3. Discuss how it raises money and awareness for cancer research.  This is an easy way to make a connection because almost all students will have someone in their life that’s been affected by cancer.  If they are shaving for someone, find a way to share their story.
    4. Share with other faculty and send information home about the event to get everyone involved.
  2. Get parent permission for ALL students.
  3. Get the audience involved in the event.  It can be tedious for people to watch multiple students get their heads shaved.  Have upbeat music, encourage clapping, dancing, etc.
    1. We let each class pick out a song for our playlist and have them get up and dance when it plays!
  4. Be organized!  There is a lot of paper work and money so develop a system.
  5. Publicize the event.  Get the information out in the community through the use of flyers, newspaper articles, call local news channels, live stream the event, etc.